Hello world!

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6 Responses to Hello world!

  1. suffolkboy says:

    Hello Amanda,
    I had intended to do an in-depth dump of all the delta files, or at least a sample of them. I have suspended, probably indefinitely, this project. First, it is too tedious: the raw data is an understandable shambles that I cannot sort out without knowing the station data; secondly, it is being done by other people with more extensive background and and resources that I have got; thirdly, events overtook it. I was originally doing it after the Darwin Airport fraud was exposed in WUWT, and decided to take a look myself. The Texas data was interesting, as was the *doubling* of the “adjustment” in 2012. I eventually took more interest in the politics (H/T you and l’Amerloque) than the data/maths/physics/science. I may re-visit later but basically my interests have moved on from this data study. Hope the cherries are blossoming.

  2. Stephen Richards says:

    Adastral Park ?

  3. Amanda says:

    Hello Suffolkboy.

    Are you doing anything with this website? Or, to do a seance Budgie-style: ‘Is anybody out there?’

    I like your cherry-tree banner.


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